This represents $ 1.48T sales per year for the pharmaceutical industry. For over 10 years, the pharmaceutical industry has spent $440 B in recruiting patients into clinical trials and yet 80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment targets, 15% of locations fail to enroll a single patient which resulted to trials taking 6 months longer now to finish, i.e., 28 months (about 2 and a half years) to finish now versus 22 months (about 2 years) in 2008.


At this pace, pharmaceutical companies will spend $ 1.15T in the next 10 years to enroll over 61M patients and manage over 8M locations, only to lose $1.5 T of revenue due to trial delays.


Delayed trials mean delayed cures. Billions of people will suffer needlessly before they die. Healthcare costs at $8T per year will cost even more. Our children won’t live as long and well as they could have.

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