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Revolutionizing Clinical Trials

"I think this is a very good idea because it will help patients as well as clinical trials to be successful because we will gather a lot of patients who are eligible patients for a particular trial so it will not be very difficult for the trialists to look for patients because these are not only the patients who are going to the doctors but also patients who are around the country who will be exposed to these kinds of clinical trials. It will facilitate faster enrollment of patients and, of course, that will also help in expediting completion of trials. This will make the availability of good medicines faster to patients who most need them."

Join Care.Trials Today

"The event was quite successful because we were able to gain a lot of knowledge specifically about clinical trials which normally we do not talk about because most people are not aware of what clinical trials are or how to access clinical trials since most of the clinical trials are only done through doctors. So, Care.Trials is a breakthrough for us patients because it somehow democratizes the process because we are able now to access different clinical trials in our own phones, our own laptops and we will be able to have a chance to be part of the clinical trial process and be given the chance to have… to be part of a clinical trial which otherwise we will not be able to do it without this kind of innovative process."

Let us find cures for cancer and chronic diseases, faster

"We always do this yearly for the General Membership meeting and this is new for our patient groups who gave feedback that they are willing to try and learn the step by step process on how to register and navigate the app. That will be something good and new and definitely there will be some patient groups that will be interested with that to learn more about clinical trials, the processes and how it is done and who will benefit."

Why Are Clinical Trials Important?

"Clinical trials actually drive the health of the patients. It’s a good opportunity for them to have a free, eventually to have free medications, free treatments or therapy, for those who engage in the clinical trial. This is a wonderful opportunity and we definitely need it because we need to study what needs to be done to find a cure for them. So yeah, it’s really very important. Clinical trials are important."

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