Care.Trials Appoints Ed Odjaghian as Vice-President

Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA – November 16, 2023 – Care.Trials, a leader in digital healthcare innovation, proudly announces the appointment of Ed Odjaghian as the new Vice-President. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare solutions, IT management, and operations, Ed brings a wealth of expertise to this pivotal role, positioning Care.Trials for accelerated growth and global expansion.

Ed Odjaghian’s extensive career spans several decades, marked by significant achievements in managing IT operations, software development, client services, and support operations. His leadership in building and leading offshore development centers and delivering enterprise-level integrated solutions to both government and commercial clients underscores his ability to drive complex projects to success.

As Vice-President, Ed will lead efforts to transform clinical trial enrollment through advanced technologies, ensuring efficient, secure, and patient-centric solutions. His role will involve managing the continuous development of Care.Trials’. He will also be at the forefront of managing partnerships that will work to improve and keep Care.Trials on track.

Ed’s appointment comes at a time when Care.Trials is poised for significant advancements in clinical trials. By leveraging AI and blockchain technology, Care.Trials aims to streamline patient recruitment and engagement, enhancing the efficiency and security of clinical trials. Ed’s leadership and vision will be crucial in navigating these ambitious goals. His expertise in managing large-scale operations and his innovative approach to problem-solving will ensure that Care.Trials achieves its strategic objectives and delivers exceptional value to patients and healthcare providers worldwide.

About Care.Trials Inc.

Care.Trials Inc. is a global company that operates the Care.Trials Network. It aims to revolutionize the way individuals access and participate in clinical trials. Care.Trials Inc. is powered by Solve.Care, a leading global healthcare platform that uses blockchain technology to enhance and simplify healthcare processes. With Care.Trials, participants have the opportunity to explore various clinical trials in which they may be eligible to participate.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Care.Trials Inc. aims to improve and simplify healthcare processes related to clinical trials. This includes personalized matching of participants with suitable trials, ensuring prompt compensation for their contributions, and bridging the communication gap between medical information and patient understanding. Care.Trials Inc. is dedicated to developing a transparent, inclusive, and empowering environment for participants to shape the future of medical advancements through their active involvement in clinical trials. Learn more at or join our community at

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