Care.Trials Introduced at Successful Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO) Event

Manila, Philippines – April 18, 2024  – Care.Trials made a significant impact at the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO) General Assembly event. The successful introduction of Care.Trials to major patient organizations marks a significant step in adoption of the solution, as well as clinical trial enrollment and patient engagement in the Philippines.

PAPO provides Care.Trials access to over 50 disease-specific patient advocacy groups, representing more than 1 million patient members. This extensive network enhances the solution’s ability to connect patients with critical clinical trials, facilitating advancements in medical research and patient care.

The event garnered positive feedback from several key stakeholders who recognize the potential of Care.Trials to transform clinical trial processes and improve patient outcomes.

Janet Francisco of the Philippine Society of Orphan Disorders highlighted the crucial role of clinical trials in patient health, stating, “Clinical trials actually drive the health of the patients. It’s a good opportunity for them to have a free, eventually to have free medications, free treatments, or therapy, for those who engage in the clinical trial. Care.Trials is a wonderful opportunity and we definitely need it because we need to study what needs to be done to find a cure for them. So yeah, it’s really very important. Clinical trials are important.”

Chat Santos, a pharmacist, emphasized the solution’s potential to streamline patient recruitment and expedite the completion of clinical trials: “I think this is a very good idea because it will help patients as well as clinical trials to be successful because we will gather a lot of patients who are eligible patients for a particular trial so it will not be very difficult for the trialists to look for patients because these are not only the patients who are going to the doctors but also patients who are around the country who will be exposed to these kinds of clinical trials. It will facilitate faster enrollment of patients and, of course, that will also help in expediting completion of trials. This will make the availability of good medicines faster to patients who most need them.”

Girlie Lorenzo from the KYTHE Foundation praised Care.Trials for its accessibility and inclusivity: “Care.Trials is a breakthrough for us patients because it somehow democratizes the process because we are able now to access different clinical trials in our own phones, our own laptops and we will be able to have a chance to be part of the clinical trial process and be given the chance to have… to be part of a clinical trial which otherwise we will not be able to do it without this kind of innovative process.”

Advancing Clinical Trials with Innovative Solutions

Care.Trials leverages AI and blockchain technology to create a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for clinical trial enrollment. By simplifying the process and ensuring patient data privacy, Care.Trials aims to increase participation rates and improve the overall quality of clinical research.

Joel Andrada of Care.Trials expressed his enthusiasm for the event’s success and the future of Care.Trials: “The General Assembly of the Philippine Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (PAPO) held in April was the first step, among many, in forging the partnership between Care.Trials and PAPO. Through this partnership, Care.Trials will have the opportunity to empower a vast network of patients across the Philippines by facilitating access to available clinical trials and medical research. Regular weekly meetings with PAPO patient leaders and the Care.Trials management team are being done to ensure that all patients get access to the network and to further cement this collaboration.”

About Care.Trials Inc.

Care.Trials Inc. is a global company that operates the Care.Trials Network. It aims to revolutionize the way individuals access and participate in clinical trials. Care.Trials Inc. is powered by Solve.Care, a leading global healthcare platform that uses blockchain technology to enhance and simplify healthcare processes. With Care.Trials, participants have the opportunity to explore various clinical trials in which they may be eligible to participate.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Care.Trials Inc. aims to improve and simplify healthcare processes related to clinical trials. This includes personalized matching of participants with suitable trials, ensuring prompt compensation for their contributions, and bridging the communication gap between medical information and patient understanding. Care.Trials Inc. is dedicated to developing a transparent, inclusive, and empowering environment for participants to shape the future of medical advancements through their active involvement in clinical trials. Learn more at or join our community at

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