Care.Trials Launches Caira!: The First Patient Aidvocate, Bringing Patient-Centric Focus to the Clinical Trials Industry

Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA – February 9 2024 – Care.Trials is proud to announce the launch of Caira!, the first-ever Patient Aidvocate designed to transform the clinical trial experience for patients and healthcare providers.

Developed in response to the needs and challenges highlighted by major patient organizations, Caira! offers unparalleled support and guidance to patients participating in clinical trials. As an AI model trained on patient rights, ethics, and research protocols, Caira! is designed to earn patients’ trust. It can answer clinical, legal, and ethical questions, empowering patients to make better choices. Caira! studies everything patients need to know about clinical trial protocols, informed consents, and ethical considerations, translating complex information into understandable terms.

Earns Patient’s Trust

Caira! addresses the challenges of patient recruitment and engagement in the $40 billion global clinical trials market. By offering a reliable digital assistant that simplifies complex clinical research terminology and answers patient questions, Caira! enhances patient understanding and participation.

Key Features of Caira!:

  1. Healthcare Focus: Tailored specifically for clinical trials and patient care.
  2. Custom-Built Database: Provides relevant and accurate information.
  3. Community-Updated Data: Continuously updated by researchers and medical professionals.
  4. Comprehensive Support: Answers questions about procedures, risks, and compensation.
  5. Engaging Interaction: Offers a relatable experience with multiple views and emotions.
  6. Unbiased Information: Ensures trust with accurate and unbiased data.
  7. Secure Data Storage: Uses blockchain technology for secure and private data storage.

Value to Healthcare Providers

For healthcare providers and researchers, Caira! offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for patient engagement. Caira!’s advanced learning ability allows healthcare providers to teach her what they need patients to know, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring accuracy and authenticity in information dissemination.

“We are very excited to launch Caira!, the first Patient Aidvocate designed to revolutionize clinical trial engagement. By leveraging advanced AI and blockchain technology, Caira! provides patients with the information and support they need to confidently participate in clinical trials,” stated Care.Trials CEO, Pradeep Goel. “This innovation is a testament to our commitment to making healthcare more accessible, transparent, and patient-centric. We believe Caira! will significantly enhance the clinical trial process, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers globally.”

Caira! represents a significant leap forward in the clinical trial landscape, addressing critical challenges with advanced technology and a patient-centric approach. Care.Trials is excited to introduce Caira! to the world, confident that it will revolutionize the way clinical trials are conducted and enhance the overall patient experience. For more information about Caira!, visit Care.Trials.

About Care.Trials Inc.

Care.Trials Inc. is a global company that operates the Care.Trials Network. It aims to revolutionize the way individuals access and participate in clinical trials. Care.Trials Inc. is powered by Solve.Care, a leading global healthcare platform that uses blockchain technology to enhance and simplify healthcare processes. With Care.Trials, participants have the opportunity to explore various clinical trials in which they may be eligible to participate.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Care.Trials Inc. aims to improve and simplify healthcare processes related to clinical trials. This includes personalized matching of participants with suitable trials, ensuring prompt compensation for their contributions, and bridging the communication gap between medical information and patient understanding. Care.Trials Inc. is dedicated to developing a transparent, inclusive, and empowering environment for participants to shape the future of medical advancements through their active involvement in clinical trials. Learn more at or join our community at

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